Born and Raised in Las Vegas, I've always had a sense of adventure. I owe a lot of that to the beautiful desert landscape that is all around me. In 2007, I saved up enough money to buy my very own SLR, and from there my life began again. Traveling to take the next epic shot quickly became my absolute passion and i've been enthralled with the art of creation ever since. In my work, one of the things iā€™m proudest of is my ability to shift between places, moods, and themes. My goal ultimately is to show people how beautiful the world could be if they just step outside, or even go within themselves. I do this by being very detail oriented; I love to give the viewer the feeling of being wherever I was, feeling what I felt. Whether it be the sweeping Grandeur of the Cascade Mountains, to the small space in my living room, I want the viewer to have a fully immersive experience.

Welcome to my world.